Whatever you focus on expands

I've been learning a lot about myself lately.  I've been trying to look at my life and discover what is important to me and how I want to live my life.  Through all the reading and discovery I found a phrase that has really helped; 'Whatever you focus on expands'.

I may sound a bit like a hippy with this, but there is a lot of truth in a very short sentence.  If I spend all my waking moments looking backwards, having regrets, wishing that things had turned out differently, then my life could easily become entirely negative.  Almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you like.  We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it and make sure we don't make our future miserable because we are stuck in limbo, unable to move forward.  In the same way, we cannot change how others behave or what they are focussing on, they have to make their own decisions about what they want in life.

I am pretty self aware, and I know that my loved ones are always the most important part of my life, but I have a tendency to put them first, sometimes at the expense of my own sense of self.  I feel I need to be slightly more selfish and to be honest, probably more demanding.  My needs and desires are important.

It is times like this when being creative or immersing yourself in a project or form of study can help.  It doesn't mean you ignore life's problems, but that for a time, your brain is focussed on the act of creating or learning and not concentrating on your own thoughts. I feel that by using my creativity, that will make me more creative and the more creative I am, the happier and more 'myself' I feel.  So to that end, I've made a list of creative things I want to learn to do, or do more of:
  1. To learn to play the ukelele
  2. To design and make a rag rug
  3. To do more needle felting
  4. To draw and paint as often as possible
  5. To go to as many art exhibitions as possible
  6. To create a garden that is as much a haven for wildlife as it is an artist's garden
  7. To write in the blog as often as I can

I'd love it if you could comment with the projects you are interested in or want to do more of!