Hands and feet

I've had quite a creative journey recently.  Spending time looking at Pre-Raphaelite paintings, and realising that early Burne Jones paintings show a distinct lack of talent in painting realistic hands was quite startling as well as reassuring!  In the same day I saw a beautiful pair of feet painted by the same artist, which I was quite struck by.

In my own studio, I have been concentrating on places that mean something to me.  I used a black inky pen to draw a Devon gate that I used to love to stare at.  A place that meant something to me, and a place I doubt I shall ever see again.  By creating a drawing of this place, I felt as if I was coming to terms with loss, as well as acknowledging the place was important to me.

This winter seems to be very long and cold at the moment, although there are small glimpses that Spring will arrive.  I've been taking photographs of the beautiful aspects of the cold weather - the low sunlight through the trees and the frost on the ground.
And I eventually returned to hands and feet when visiting Winchester Cathedral the other day.  The Anthony Gormley sculpture was stood in pools of water in the crypt.  A quiet and literally reflective moment for me.